Plains Gas Solutions is a Houston-based midstream resource management company that designs and operates gas processing and condensate processing plants to help producers optimize revenues and minimize costs.

What We Do

Plains Gas Solutions (PGS) specializes in gas and condensate processing, as well as the transportation and marketing of natural gas liquids (NGL). PGS operates a gas processing plant along the Gulf Coast, with the current capacity of approximately 200 million standard cubic feet of capacity per day, and a condensate processing facility in south Texas with approximately 120,000 bpd of capacity. 

Gas Processing

Natural gas produced at the wellhead contains varying amounts of liquids. In its raw form, natural gas is usually not acceptable for transportation in the nation’s major natural gas pipeline systems or for commercial use as a fuel. Using third-party pipeline gathering systems, natural gas is transported to the processing plants where we separate and remove NGL from the natural gas stream. This enables our customers' natural gas to meet transmission and quality specifications.

Within our gas processing segment, PGS owns and operates a natural gas processing plant and focuses on the gathering, compression, treating, blending, processing and marketing of natural gas and the associated NGLs that result from the gas processing. Our Patterson gas plant is on the Louisiana Gulf Coast servicing offshore and regional production, as well as straddling major interstate gas pipelines. 

Along with our commitment to customer service, PGS differentiates itself from competitors through our ability to optimize our customers’ profitability via our Daily Resource Management System. Working hand-in-hand with our customers, PGS models each customer’s contract for their residue gas sales and reviews commodity prices daily to determine the optimum recovery of NGL from the gas stream. When multiple customers are co-mingled into one of our gas plants, this review can be done on a daily basis for each customer, based on their unique contract structure.

Condensate Processing

With the development of new horizontal drilling technologies that are allowing producers to access tight oil formations, lighter crude oils and condensates, volumes are being produced in greater quantities. These lighter products pose significant environmental and logistics challenges because of their high vapor pressures. In some cases, it is necessary to remove the lighter entrained NGL to bring these lighter crude oils and condensates to market.

PGS has developed the largest and most sophisticated condensate processing facility in North America, situated in the Eagle Ford shale play at Gardendale, Texas. The PGS Gardendale facility implements a complex controls structure that allows us to optimize the amount of NGL that is removed from the processed condensate. The strategic location of this facility gives customers the ultimate flexibility to source barrels, while providing direct access to end markets in Corpus Christi and Houston or providing marine access to markets around the world. The facility also has rail access for receipt and delivery of condensate and NGL.

Current capacity of our Gardendale facility is 120,000 bpd. We are also actively developing new projects in other shale plays across the U.S.