Our NGL segment operations involve natural gas processing and NGL fractionation, storage, transportation and terminalling utilizing a highly integrated network of assets strategically positioned across Canada and the United States.

Our network of liquids infrastructure includes:

  • Natural gas processing facilities
  • NGL fractionation facilities
  • Underground NGL storage caverns and above ground storage tanks
  • NGL pipelines
  • Rail and truck terminals
With these assets, we process, fractionate, store and transport NGLs such as ethane, propane, butane and condensate.


Our NGL revenues are primarily derived from a combination of providing gathering, fractionation, storage, and/or terminalling services to third-party customers for a fee, and our merchant activities that support the assets.  


As of December 31, 2021, the assets utilized in our NGL segment include the following:
  • 4 natural gas processing facilities
  • 9 fractionation plants
  • 28 million barrels of NGL storage capacity
  • 1,620 miles of active NGL transportation pipelines
  • 16 NGL rail terminals
  • 3,900 NGL rail cars and 220 trailers