Our Supply and Logistics segment activities include the purchase, logistics and resale of crude oil and NGL in North America.  The segment owns a significant volume of crude oil and NGL required to conduct our commercial activities. A summary of the assets employed to support our commercial activities, as of December 31, 2020, include approximately:

16 million barrels of crude oil and NGL linefill in pipelines owned by us
680 trucks and 840 trailers
6,000 crude oil and NGL railcars
4 million barrels of crude oil and NGL utilized as linefill in pipelines owned by third parties or otherwise required as long-term inventory

Merchant Activities

Our purchase and resale of crude oil and NGL results in us generating a margin, which is reduced by the transportation, facilities and other logistical costs associated with delivering the crude oil or NGL to market as well as related operating and general and administrative expenses. A portion of our results is impacted by overall market structure and the degree of market volatility, as well as variable operating expenses. Our activities are designed to limit downside exposure, while generating upside potential associated with opportunities inherent in volatile market conditions (including opportunities to benefit from fluctuating differentials and market structure). Opportunities to realize upside potential through our Supply and Logistics operations occur from time to time and are typically for short periods of time when there are local or regional infrastructure constraints.

In connection with its operations, our Supply and Logistics segment secures transportation and facilities services from our other two segments as well as third-party service providers under month-to-month and multi-year arrangements. Intersegment fees are based on posted tariff rates, rates similar to those charged to third parties or rates that we believe approximate market rates.