The safety and protection of the public, employees, contractors, the environment and our assets are top priority for Plains.

Our Emergency Management Commitment Statement indicates that we are prepared to manage all emergencies. Our Emergency Management Program (EMP) is focused on considering all hazards when identifying and mitigating risks, and personnel are ready to respond quickly and safely to an unplanned event or incident.

Our EMP meets or exceeds all applicable federal, state and provincial regulatory requirements in addition to our internal standards, and is governed by our Operations Management System (OMS).

The Emergency Management Program is built on four integrated pillars:

Prevention and Mitigation – Identify and manage hazards to avoid incidents or minimize their impacts.
Preparedness – Train personnel and other responders on the tools necessary to perform their responsibilities.
Response – Help employees respond safely and effectively in the event of an emergency.
Recovery – Assist with the recovery of the environment, communities and operations

Purpose of the Emergency Management Program

Our Emergency Management Program is built on the integrated foundations of the four pillars listed above and will:

  • Meet or exceed all regulatory and legal requirements
  • Consider all hazards when identifying and mitigating risks
  • Ensure employees have appropriate emergency preparedness, response training and resources, including spill response equipment and emergency response service providers
  • Ensure emergency response is coordinated with regulators, first responders, government agencies and Indigenous Communities and to promote Unified Command
  • Ensure the set objectives are consistently met during every response
  • Integrate and align with corporate commitments, processes, programs and procedures as part of the Operations Management System
  • Continue to improve through lessons learned

Integration with other programs is key to successfully identifying and managing hazards, responding to incidents and emergencies, and effectively communicating with stakeholders. The EMP works together with other programs such as:

  • Damage Prevention
  • Security
  • Asset Integrity
  • Health and Safety
  • Public Awareness
  • ​Environmental Protection